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Important Dates

2022 Exams
April 25 - May 14
October 24 - November 12



Application Deadlines: April 15th for the May exam and October 15th for the November exam.


Below are flash cards submitted by former subscribers to the Hand Therapy Resources Center (HTRC)*. You can now view all of the HTRC flashcards on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device. To view the flashcards follow the directions below.

You must first purchase the app called "Flashcards Deluxe" for $3.99.

Once you have purchased the app follow these simple instructions to download all of the HTRC flashcards to your device:

  1. Click on the + sign in the upper right hand corner of the flashcards delux app.
  2. Click on "Private Deck"
  3. Click on "Deck Code"
  4. Type in the code: (see codes below)
  5. Click on "Download Cards"
  6. The flashcards should download, to view them click on the name of the recently downloaded flashcard.

The following flashcards are available. To download a deck use the corresponding code (see below in bold). Please note, codes are case sensitive.

  • Hand Therapy Resource Center Flashcards (235 cards): Code:
  • Goniometer ROM Values of the Upper Extremity (27 cards): Code:
  • Evaluation of the Wrist and Hand (52 cards): Code:
  • Hand and Wrist Special Tests (18 cards): Code:
  • Elbow Anatomy (24 cards): Code:
  • Elbow Special Tests (11 cards): Code:
  • General Wrist and Hand Flashcards (195 cards): Code:
  • Shoulder Muscles (17 cards): Code:
  • Joint Mobilization Grades and Techniques (45 cards): Code:
  • Upper Extremity Muscles and Myotomes (169 cards): Code:
  • Flexor Tendon Repairs (43 cards): Code:
  • Extensor Tendon Repairs (46) cards: Code:

*HTCC takes no responsibility for any of the content of the flashcards on this site as they were posted by third parties, namely former subscribers to the Hand Therapy Resource Center.